RUNNING IN REGENT’S PARK Regent’s Park is home to one of London’s most popular 10k courses, used for many fundraisers and events throughout the year. The park’s running routes also see use for 5k runs and half marathons throughout the year. To the north of the park is a 385m cinder running track. It has […]

Regent’s Park Skating Disaster

Written by Cynthia Poole, The. St. Marylebone Society When The Regent’s Park lake froze over during the very cold winter of 1866/7, large numbers of people came to skate and slide on the ice, and many more to watch.  On this day, several hundred people were on the ice when it suddenly gave way and […]

A Sunday Stroll to Primrose Hill

The Wilson family is ready to move. Having risen early to enjoy the fine, warm weather and to take advantage of a new day of sightseeing, they are full of anticipation of the prospects ahead. The coach on Friday had brought them to town from Nottingham and they had settled into comfortable lodgings in St. […]