ZSL London Zoo


Nestled in the north eastern corner of Regent’s Park, ZSL London Zoo opened to scientists in 1828 and to the public in 1847. It’s had six reigning monarchs as its Royal Patron, and survived two world wars – closing only briefly during WWII and in 2020 because of coronavirus.  

That makes ZSL London Zoo the first ever scientific zoo in the world. In 1853 it opened the first public aquarium, and in 1928, it unveiled ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in the Chiltern Hills – the world’s first open zoological park and to this day the UK’s largest zoo.

ZSL – the charity behind ZSL London Zoo – is a world-leader in science and conservation and is dedicated to protecting threatened species across the globe. ZSL London Zoo itself is home to giraffes, a pride of Asiatic lions, Sumatran tiger Asim and a troop of western lowland gorillas and even has a temperature-controlled walkthrough rainforest – home to sloths, tamanduas and a variety of primates. Penguin Beach is the UK’s largest penguin pool.

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