Summer In Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill


Summer in Regent’s Park means roses, summer bedding, and mixed borders. In Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, the flowering season starts mid-May, and just keeps on going.

Regent’s Park is also known for summer bedding in the Victorian style. Each bed is designed for maximum impact by the gardeners who plant and maintain them. Annual favourites include the beds centred on the Lion Tazza in Avenue Gardens, the Begonia Bed and the Jungle Border in Queen Mary’s Gardens, and the giant urn in a circle of espaliered limes in the St John’s Lodge Garden.

Summer would not be complete without the many fine herbaceous or mixed borders. Highlights include the two double borders in the Avenue Gardens, one ‘hot’ planting with oranges, reds and yellows, the other ‘cool’ with blues, greys and purples; and the differently planted borders in Queen Mary’s Gardens and the St John’s Lodge Garden.