The Allotment Garden

The Allotment Garden - In the Park

The Regent’s Park Allotment is a place for both solace and learning, where everyone is welcome to enter the gate and find themselves immersed in the natural allure of seasonal crops. From the fragrant rosemary, to the summer glow of tomatoes, and the crisp sturdiness of our winter crops, there is always something to discover inside those gates.

The Regent’s Park Allotment has been run as a partnership between The Royal Parks and Capital Growth for almost a decade. Capital Growth is London’s largest food growing network. It supports people to grow food at home, on allotments, or as part of community groups, and it is part of the wider charity Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food and Farming.

Allotment garden
Allotment garden – Elena Trivelli

We (Capital Growth) have a dedicated team of volunteers, who work extremely hard to maintain the charm of the Allotment throughout all seasons, come rain or shine. Volunteers join us to learn the basics of organic gardening, and from weeding to watering, sowing to pruning, they look after the space with their hearts and their hands, sharing the produce among themselves to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

Everything we grow in the Allotment is organic. Our only pesticide is the garlic spray we make, and our fertilizers come from our comfrey plants, nettles and our various composting systems – from compost bins to wormeries. We start everything from seeds, use a crop rotation system and plenty of companion plants, and we always ensure pollinators and beneficial insects find a safe haven in this space. We have bonded closely with the Park’s wildlife, and are often joined in our activities by our resident robins Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, and the naughty Colin the magpie.

While we grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables – from apples to asparagus, spinach to squashes, and carrots to cabbage – this is also a demonstration garden and an educational setting. In spring and summer, we usually welcome children from local schools who come to learn about plant science and wildlife, we run open days and family days, and lots of training activities for adults as part of Capital Growth’s Training Programme.

The Friends of Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill have been supporting the Allotment for several years, and have funded some of our projects – most recently our new composting system.

The Allotment Garden at Regent’s Park is normally open from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30p.m., every day of the week – come and visit us!

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