The Bandstand was originally located in Richmond Park and was moved to Regent’s Park in the 1970’s. There was an earlier bandstand which stood near the south-east corner of the boundary of London Zoo.

The bandstand was the target of a IRA terrorist attack on 20 July 1982. Seven bandsmen were killed and 24 others were injured during a concert by the Royal Green Jackets. Eight members of the public watching the performance were also injured and taken to hospital. 

Sometimes the bandstand is called the “Memorial Bandstand” in memory of the dead bandsmen. A plaque that commemorates the seven bandsman who were killed is located on the base of the bandstand. Each year the attack’s survivors, and the families of those who were killed, gather at the Bandstand for a memorial service,

The composer George Lloyd wrote Royal Parks For Brass two years after the bombing. The second movement of which, In Memoriam, is dedicated to the bandsmen who died. Many bands feature this piece in their playing selections.