In 2019, Matt Steinman, one of the tree team from The Royal Parks, had the bright idea to hire a software company Echoes to create an App for Regent’s Park visitors to, firstly, identify trees and , secondly listen to appropriate music composed by students from the Royal Academy of Music, based in The Regent’s Park.

Matt explained that “In addition to serving an essential purpose, trees are beautiful and awe-inspiring. Walk beneath tree foliage and take notice of the shape and movement of leaf types, the quality and depth of the greens in the foliage. A large tree dominates its environment, the scale and spread of the branches stretching out beyond your view. The majestic London plane, the dark, mysterious evergreen yew, the ash, with its delicate compound leaves allowing light to filter through the canopy in a distinctive way; trees are amazing”

The app uses geo location technology to identify the tree. To benefit from Music for Trees, visitors need to download the app (free), take their phone and headphones to the group of about 150 trees located in the area between the Ready Money fountain on the Broadwalk and the park fence south of the Gloucester Gate playground.

Download the Royal Parks Music for Trees app from: