Objectives - The Friends


According to the 1993 Constitution (summarised), the Friends has the following objectives in relation to Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill (referred to below as “the Park”):

Promote and encourage the conservation and preservation of the Park.
To stimulate public interest in the Park with a view to promoting, preserving and, if possible, enhancing the Park’s distinctive character.
To scrutinise and review the way the Park is administered, with particular reference to standards of landscape gardening. Monitor and lobby authorities about the enforcement of Park regulations and any proposed amendments. Cooperate with, and, where appropriate, scrutinise or lobby the Royal Parks Constabulary, the Crown Estates Paving Commission, the Crown Estates, the London Borough of Camden and the City of Westminster in relation to the Park.
To publish newsletters, books, brochures, pamphlets etc and organise public meetings, walks and social events to promote discussion about the Park in the context of the objectives noted above.
To subscribe to or support any lawful body that has objectives that are broadly similar to those of the Friends.
To encourage schools, especially those situated close to the Park, to participate in the activities of the Friends.
Undertake these voluntary activities for its membership and for Park visitors generally, so that, wherever possible, the character, amenity value and administration of the Park is improved.