The Regent’s Park boasts 13 sculptures, ancient and modern that are dotted around the park.
If you want to find them all you will pass through gardens, circumvent ponds, fountains, walkways and more.
The park is like a huge, open air art gallery just waiting for you to discover its treasures.

Join us on a virtual statue walk through the park

The Japanese Eagle
St. George and the Dragon
Goatherd’s Daughter
Stone Piers in St. John’s Lodge Gardens
Mighty Hunter by AH Hodge, Queen Mary’s Gardens
The Awakening, by Unus Safardiar, St John’s Lodge
Griffin Tazza
Ready Money Fountain
Lost Bow by AH Hodge, Queen Mary’s Gardens
Boy and Frog statue, Queen Mary’s Gardens
Hylas and the Nymph, St. John’s Lodge Garden
Triton Fountain, Queen Mary’s Gardens