Terraces enclosing Regent’s Park


The grand frontages of Cumberland Terrace, Chester Terrace, Cambridge Terrace, York Terrace, Sussex Place, Hanover Terrace and Kent Terrace were conceived by Nash, although the design of the rest of the buildings was largely left to the builder and developer. Typically, Nash designed the painted rendered frontages of each terrace to look like a palace, by incorporating decorative classical architectural elements such as columns, crowning pediments and triumphal arches. These disguised rows of identical terraces. Those intended for the north side of the park were never built. The terraces were named after the titles of various members of the Royal family. Behind the facades, although some original houses remain, in many cases for they have been reconstructed as flats, offices etc.

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Houses originally part of the landscape

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Hanover Gate Lodge

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Grove House

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Regent’s University

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St John’s Lodge

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Winfield House

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The Holme

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