Regent’s University

Regent's University - In the Park

Originally the site of South Villa, built in 1816-17 probably to a design by Decimus Burton, only the Georgian Lodge remains. The main house survived into the 20th century. However, use by Bedford College, a university for women founded in 1880s, resulted in many changes and the addition of other educational buildings, including a library by SRJ Smith in 1908. Bedford College moved out to Egham in 1985 and the premises were taken over by Regent’s University instead, also for educational purposes.

More houses

Houses originally part of the landscape - In the Park

Houses originally part of the landscape

Terraces enclosing Regent's Park

Terraces enclosing Regent’s Park

Hanover Gate Lodge

Hanover Gate Lodge

Grove House - In the Park

Grove House

St. John's Lodge - In the Park

St John’s Lodge

Winfield House - In the Park

Winfield House