Sport in Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill Part 2 – Today

Regent’s Park is the largest outdoor sports facility in Central London, and the busiest public open sports ground in England. Sports, other than tennis, take place mostly in the northern parkland and on Primrose Hill. Management is based at The Hub, where there is also a café, underground changing rooms, toilets and multi-function rooms for […]

Sport in Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill Part 1 – 1848 to 2005

PART 1 – FROM 1848 TO 2005 The Government Gymnasium 1848 In 1848 the Commissioner of HM Woods and Forests, Viscount Morpeth, commissioned the building of a “Gymnasium” at the foot of Primrose Hill.  The apparatus was enclosed and supervised by a keeper to preserve order.  The regulations were written on a large board and […]