Water supply to Regent’s Park

The original water supply When Regent’s Park was laid out from 1811 the lake was supplied by the Tyburn Brook. The traditional source of the Tyburn is marked as Shepherds Well, on the corner of Fitzjohn’s Avenue and Akenside Road. The site is handsomely marked by a red-brick memorial and tablet. The Tyburn crossed Avenue […]

Queen Mary’s Garden Roses – Summer 2020

I don’t know what pulled me to Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in April 2020.  I moved to St. John’s Wood 1968 and have walked through Regent’s Park and the Rose Garden many times over the years.  However, until lockdown in March of that year, I had never visited it so often, nor had so much […]

Tree-Felling In Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill

Fallen Tree

The Friends are often asked why so many trees are being felled in the Park. To explain this we looked at three types of tree that, in 2021 are being felled fairly often – Oaks, Plane and Horse Chestnuts.  The two trees in the photos are a Turkey Oak and a London Plane on Marylebone Green.  […]

The Story Of The Red-Throated Diver

Red-Throated Driver

On October 30th, 2020, Tony Duckett and Dave Johnson were checking the lake and waterfowl when they noticed a bird that looked like a juvenile Red-throated Diver. This species is not a normal visitor to the Park and is not usually seen inland except where it breeds in Scotland, Iceland, and Scandinavia.  They concluded that it […]